Remedial Teaching is Important by Roselynn Garcia (Virgin Galactic STEM Program Manager and Remedial Facilitator)

Generally, students have an issue with major subjects like English, Mathematics, and Science. Pupils can understand these subjects if the teacher takes a little care about them like attending to them personally and explaining the concept until they understand. Actually, the reason why students lag behind in a subject is that they have a problem understanding the basics. Given some time, they will fare well in the subject.

Remedial classes are necessary for students who don’t understand a subject properly. As teachers, we should keep in mind that not all students have the same capacity to understand each and every subject. In addition, our pupils have different learning styles which should be considered while teaching and conducting remedial classes.

Our worth as educators is not merely measured based on the instructions that we give on a daily basis. We have to make sure that our students learn from us,  and that little we develop them holistically. Since extending our efforts depends upon the needs of our students, remedial classes serve as an input to attain better performance on the part of the learners.

It is, therefore, a must that remedial classes be held for any particular subject that students fail to fully understand.

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