Inspiring Innovation Through Robotics

On 18 August 2018, new Robotics Facilitator Keith Shezi had the opportunity to attend the Mindstorms CV3 101 course offered by Centurion Robotics Club ( with Jurie Weidemann facilitating. Below is Keith’s report on the experience:

Did you know that the Kreepy Krauley or the electric car were first created/designed in South Africa? Even the world’s first human heart transplant was performed here! These are just some of the wonderful and fun things that technology and robotics can bring to life and some examples of how South Africa has been at the forefront of innovation.

The course was fun as well as informative and there was a lot of practical application of what we were learning. The problem-solving section drove the information home as more questions came up and more solutions were sought, thus learning much more.

I’m excited to teach ADET’s robotics learners all that I have gained through the course and have a three-year programme in mind where from second year they can begin to participate in other local robotics challenges.